CyHi The Prynce Tells the Crazy Story of the Party That Sent Him to Jail

Cyhi The Prynce recently caught up with Pigeons & Planes for a new episode of ‘What Had Happened Was,’ which saw him tell the crazy story of the party that sent him to jail.

Once upon a time in Atlanta, Cyhi worked with Jagged Edge and was close to one of the members. One night when he was away, he was partying at his place with a bunch of girls and doing the regular things like drinking and smoking weed. They ended up passing out, and when Cyhi later went to the bathroom, he was greeted to a knock at the door by a S.W.A.T. team.

Unfortunately for Cyhi, they found 50-60 pounds of weed and firearms and took them all to jail. He didn’t realize until he was in the cell that he still had some kush hidden in his nuts. The raid was shown on the screen to all 40 inmates, and just when Cyhi thought he was about to get his ass whooped, the whole place went wild for him and he starting rapping for everyone. He started handing out weed like Santa Claus and the rest is history.

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