DaBaby – Lonely (feat. Lil Wayne)

Artist: DaBaby feat. Lil Wayne
Song: “Lonely
Producer: DJ K.i.D, Pilfinger, Benjamin Lasnier
Album: TBD
Director: DaBaby

For a minute after the controversy, DaBaby was only releasing freestyle videos. Now he’s back to the music, getting introspective for his “Lonely” single with Lil Wayne. The video is entertaining as well, with DaBaby playing a character like The Joker and the police after him. He’s also in a mental institution with Weezy F. and there is a message about mental health at the end of it.

“Mental Health Awareness matters. 100% of us either deal with or know someone who is dealing with issues revolving around mental health on a daily basis. Take a moment after watching this video and check on your loved ones.”

The video is dedicated to DaBaby’s brother, Glenn Allen Johnson, who died by suicide in 2020.

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