Dave East Speaks On How Kevin Durant Inspired His Rap Career

You may be a fan of Dave East — music wise — but did you know that before his career in music, he was playing basketball with some of the biggest names in the NBA?

In an interview with SLAM Magazine, Dave recalls his AAU days and playing with Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley. East got recruited for those teams because he could ball, but unfortunately, the streets sidetracked him from continuing. But all was not lost. He tells a story about KD being drafted and inviting him to his house to record a mixtape, after listening to his mixtape.

Apparently, Dave was driving Durant’s fancy cars to go to the store and get dutches, then flying back to real life and the Harlem projects he stayed at. Just seeing Kevin be successful motivated him to make it in rap, because he partly regretted not following through in basketball.

Who knows, if things were different, he could be in the NBA right now.

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