The Day Papoose Had the Music Industry Scared, Including Jay-Z Taking Notice

Papoose – Endangered Species [Free Album Stream]

Day Papoose scared music industry with DJ Kay Slay, is brought back to our attention after a recent rare conversation with the Brooklyn rapper. A few days ago, Papoose was guest on the Fat Joe Show, to share some gems from his time in the industry.

In the conversation, he opened up about his infamous $1.5 million deal being sabotaged behind-the-scenes, after becoming the Mixtape King in late 2004. He went as far as to reminding everyone that he was the first artist that ever mentioned the hip-hop police, which had been under investigation by the federal government in recent years for using illegal tactics against his wife and others.

While he’s not happy the way things have gone, he wouldn’t change the outcome that happened. That being, earning respect from the legends in rap like Nas and Jay-Z, was well as having a beautiful daughter. This led us to remember the night Pap and Kay Slay hijacked Hot 97.

During an impromptu freestyle with Ruff Ryders member Drag-On, Papoose quietly stepped up to the mic and flamed the entire studio. This left Drag-On speechless, and the rest of rap world, immediately fielding calls to find out who Pap was. This doesn’t exclude any rapper from any coast. Everyone was threatened by Papoose until his career got sabotaged by key holders.

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Shamele Mackie, known professionally as Papoose, is an American rapper and songwriter. After making his rap debut on Kool G Rap’s 1998 album Roots of Evil, Papoose produced and distributed his own mixtapes during the early 2000s, eventually signing a $1.5 million contract with Jive Records.

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