Deconstructed with Boi-1da: The Making of Drake’s “Diplomatic Immunity”

God’s Plan” may be at the top of the charts right now, but it isn’t the only song that Drake released on his Scary Hours EP. “Diplomatic Immunity” is the lowkey banger from the EP that has gone under the radar, mainly because of the success of the other single. In a new episode of Deconstructed, Boi-1da breaks down the beat and how it came about for Drizzy.

As he explains, Nick Brongers sent him a composition that he found a sample on and he went straight to work. From pitching down the beat to adding simple drums and a bassline, 1da says that he kept it minimal so the 6 God could get busy to it lyrically. To him, it sounded like something that was bars-driven, which is why he didn’t get too busy on the production to begin with.

Peep how Boi-1da cooked up the beat in the video above.

OS REWIND: Rhythm Roulette: Boi-1da

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