Deconstructed with Mannie Fresh: The Making of Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up”

Usually, Deconstructed does new videos with producers talking about current songs. Not in this episode. They’re taking it back to the golden era of Cash Money Records with Mannie Fresh, as he breaks down how he cooked up the classic Juvenile “Back That Azz Up” single.

In the segment, Mannie talked about how he got his start in music, where his mentality was when he cooked it up and how he met Juvy in the first place.

From the intro, to the claps, bass, hi-hats, claps, snares, and everything, Diggy-Fre-Fresh drops mad gems about the production behind the song in this video. There’s a lot of sounds in there, but all together make one of the biggest songs in the history of rap. He even says the most iconic part of the song is the strings.

Watch this dope episode up top and learn something.

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