Deconstructed with Stelios: The Making of Young Thug & Elton John’s “High”

It’s fucking crazy that Elton John is a Young Thug fan. With the two making the cut on a record called “High” featured on the recently released On The Rvn EP, the producer behind the track sat down with Genius to explain how it all came about.

In the video, Stelios explained how manipulated and distorted Sir Elton’s vocals on “Rocket Man” for the hook, then building a beat around it. For those who produce, his method of sampling will probably have you intrigued, especially how he flipped the acapella and stretched it.

OS REWIND: Young Thug – On the Run (feat. Offset)
OS REWIND: Young Thug – Ran Down Onem (Prod. by TM88)

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