Deconstructed with Tank God: The Making of Post Malone’s “rockstar”

Most of you may be very familiar with Post Malone‘s “Rockstar” single (considering it’s the most streamed song of all time), but do you know who produced it? That honor belongs to Tank God. In this episode of Deconstructed, the producer breaks down how the record even got in the hands of Post and what he think of the success of it.

Apparently, he cooked up the beat during final’s week at school during a break and happened to go to New York for a session with one of his boys. Malone happened to be there and he played him the beat, which happened to be “Rockstar.”

Next thing you know he starts laying down the track and the rest is history.

You can also get a feel of how he actually crafted the beat, from the kicks, snares and hi hats to the rest — in the video up top.

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