Did 6ix9ine Lie About Shotti & Tr3yway Robbing Him?

🅱️🅱️🅰️9️⃣3️⃣ Gangsta Shit

A few weeks ago, Verizon, Complex Media and Spotify Studios started a new series examining the infamous 6ix9ine story. Narrated by Angie Martinez, the series highlights the rise, industry takeover and fall of Tekashi.

While discussing how he initially tried to enter the game with Crips of Scum Gang; affiliates of that side opened up on posting a significant bail for 6ix9ine’s controversial sexual assault charges on a minor. After returning home, he threw Scum Gang under the bus, without any explanation to his former friends; and linked up with Shotti and the Nine-Trey Bloods.

Unlike the Crips, who didn’t allow him to represent their movement; 93 embraced 6ix9ine as their Blood brother and felt they made a family member for life. Initially, Shotti and 6ix9ine started a business with Elliot Grainge of 10K projects, son of Universal Music Group chairman-CEO Lucian Grainge. Soon, Tr3yway had some of the most powerful people in music backing them.

Unfortunately, Nine-Trey was under investigation long before Tekashi arrived; as the FBI got more intel to swiftly move in and arrest some good people. In the series, members from the Gangsta Bloods echoed the same sentiments of Scum Gang Crips; who said they never robbed him of any money.

Both camps wanted the best interest for his career and safety for his life and never wanted him in harm. This dated back to his original manager Snow Billy, who also advised him to stay away from gang activity.

Like every situation, 6ix9ine cited money problems for distancing himself with former business and had an upgrade with powerful people backing his career. The stories with Tekashi mentioning financial disagreements with Tr3yway just don’t match or add up. This has us under the belief that powerful, quiet and dangerous people in power wanted Shotti out of the way, for good (see: Suge Knight).

You can listen to three episodes from the new series below.

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