Dilated Peoples – Good As Gone

Click image to watch Dilated Peoples “Good As Gone” music video

If you follow DJ Babu or Evidence on Instagram, it makes sense as to why they would name their upcoming album Directors of Photography. With Dilated Peoples‘ first album since 2006, the crew goes to an undisclosed location to bring IG shots to life. And thanks to DJ Premier on the production, this one is a banger.

We’re not lying, though. The video is an Instagram shot galore. Or VSCO Cam, if you prefer that. Learn how to use filters properly like these dudes. They really have the game on lock when it comes to taking amazing pictures.

Directed by Andrew Melby & Evidence.

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Artist: Dilated Peoples
Song: “Good As Gone”
Producer: DJ Premier
Album: Directors of Photography
Director: Andrew Melby, Evidence


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