DJ Akademiks Reveals Shocking Joe Budden Conversation Last Month Before Rory & Mal Exit

Lil Ak reveals all. . .

DJ Akademiks, Joe Budden Conversation Rory, Mal firing revealed, as the New Jersey native opens up on everything pertaining to podcast team’s breakup. On Wednesday, Joe Budden released the most controversial episode ever of his podcast with Parks and his day-one associates present. Intentionally, the former seats of Mal and Rory were purposely left employ, as Joe wanted to air things out.

Well, one person, who wanted this to happen, was DJ Akademiks; as he jumped on Twitch for a special afternoon episode. While mocking both Rory and Mal for their unfortunate exits, he shared some key information regarding a conversation with Joe Budden. In a phone call, Ak stated that Joe confronted him about Rory and Mal both complaining on the financial end to multiple acquaintances that both guys had.

Take a listen to him going in more-depth about the situation below.

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