DJ Akademiks Reacts to Trenches News Testifying in FBG Durk Murder Trial & Being Longtime Government Informant

Salutes to my guy Ak

DJ Akademiks Reacts Trenches News Testifying FBG Durk Trial, as Pandora’s box is opened to YouTube bloggers playing a dangerous game online. Over here, we never discuss open cases, with the exception of reporting what the major news outlets post (CNN, ABC, TMZ, etc.).

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Martell Wiley, known in the Youtube world as Trenches News, was paid $25,000 to cooperate with federal authorities investigating the killing of FBG Duck. In a recent live show, Akademiks gave his opinion on the situation, where he doesn’t believe Trenches has pertinent information that could take down a major gang in Chicago.

The FBI went on to explain that Trenches News would even provide background information, as well as surveillance footage through social media posts to help their investigation. Take a listen to Akademiks giving his shocking breakdown below, and why this is worse than anything the War in Chiraq ever produced.


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