The One Time DJ Vlad Deserved Praise but No Industry Insiders Gave Him Credit

#FreeSuge // #RIPMakaveli // #Outlawz

DJ Vlad deserved praise following infamous 2018 interview; but didn’t receive props from industry insiders for revealing truth. Exactly three years ago, Ayanna Jackson broke silence for the first time ever after accusing 2pac and his associates of rape in 1993. The incident landed Makaveli in prison, where he was sentenced to prison for 4 ½ years.

This was due to his incident with two off-duty cops in Atlanta, where he revealed in a phone conversation that the situation was a set up. With that target on his back with the government, Pac put his guard down and was the only person that went to prison. While cutting ties with those Brooklyn associates, he no longer dealt with that division of New York and their associates.

Suge Knight, was the only person that put his company on the line to bail Pac out of prison. This means Mr. Knight was the guy who gave 2pac his masters and royalties with the name Makaveli, and a President title over the entire label. Back to the topic, for three decades, people had been trying to find Ayanna Jackson.

However, Vlad was the only person ever to find the person who’s been hiding away from society across the world. In the interview, her stories didn’t match up; which many felt was fabricated this entire time. That alone for the world to see, it should’ve got more praise from the rest of the industry to prove 2pac’s innocence in that good deed.

Following that interview, many platforms tried to reach out to Ayanna; but those people in power hiding her, immediately shut down those plans and attempts forever. So, that interview is the only time ever you’ll see her on camera, proving 2pac was innocent this whole time.

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