Don Cannon Explains Why Lil Uzi Vert Switched Up from Emcee to Rockstar

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This week, Don Cannon was guest on Ed Lover’s CMon Son podcast to discuss his come up in the game with DJ Drama. A chuck of the conversation centered on their biggest gem in the music business, Lil Uzi Vert. After spending time at Def Jam, Cannon touched on wanting to bring some of that knowledge down to Atlanta with Barack O’Drama and help build their Generation Now imprint.

While still having ties to Philadelphia (see: The Aphilliates), he heard Uzi a few years back on the radio and was blown away. Following some research and finding out Vert was originally a battle rapper at 18, he was confused at how the music was so polished in an underground level.

Well, the two spent some time in the studio, where he found out Uzi was essentially a studio rat. He cited that the young rapper records multiple songs a day, which totals up past 700 tracks a year.

Take a listen below to the breakdown of how Vert planned to have a career as a rockstar, in comparison to being a traditional emcee in the land of the spitters.

Disclaimer: Skip to the 20-minute mark.

Retro Vert before the fame

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