Dora Jar – Bump

Bump is out now 😱

Keeping the momentum of a career-defining year, rising alt-pop star Dora Jar returns today with “Bump,” a hypnotizing new single based on those magical encounters that can take life in an unexpected and inspiring new direction. “Bump” tugs at the heartstrings, showcasing Dora’s ability to deep dive into the senses; delicate vocals floating over distorted beats and haunting guitar melodies, cascading into bright and winding choruses that eventually evaporate into whispers. “When I bump into you, I ripple out of my illusion / All around me is the sound, I follow open hands and holograms / You take me for a molecule, I take you for a fool, I follow you into the open air”.

Accompanying the song today is the official video directed by Jocelyn Antequil. Conceptualized by the hypothetical, Dora becomes her own surrealist Alice in Wonderland caught between a dream-like swim with teapots for feet and an alter ego living on the inside, looking out. Watch HERE.

Dora shares, “I wrote ‘Bump’ when I was living in Poland & for the first time in my life I didn’t really know anyone in that city except for the family I was staying with so I wasn’t bumping into people I knew anywhere. This song felt like a prayer to encounter a meaningful coincidence & eventually it began happening, not with people I knew, but I would see images from dreams manifest in real life, and it sparked this feeling that life had been waiting for me to take note of all the little details because they are leading me somewhere. I drank a lot of black tea with family during this time & became obsessed with teapots. I had an image in my brain of a long human with teapot feet.”

“Bump” comes on the heels of Dora’s announcement of her first North American headline tour, launching November 3rd in Atlanta and running through November 30th in Los Angeles, hitting twelve cities along the way. Currently, Dora is touring through Australia and New Zealand with Billie Eilish for the Happier Than Ever World Tour – see full list of dates below. Born in New York but raised in LA, the 24-year-old singer’s formative sound has already captured the attention of NPR,The New York Times, W Magazine, Billboard, Pigeons & Planes, Pitchfork and more.

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