That Time Dr. Dre Tried to Stop Jim Jones from Releasing ‘Certified Gangstas’


During the summer of 2004, we found it odd that Jim Jones had took the independent route to release his debut mixtape, Ryder Musik. However, the move benefited him more than anybody from the original Roc-a-Fella Records. At the time, he realized his “Certified Gangstas” track was going to be a hit-single, including the OG DPS movement here feeling that same sentiment.

Along with the N.W.A. sample being used for the track, it was also a national introduction to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath artist, The Game. It got so serious, that icon Dre even tried to stop the music video from being released, which happened months before the Aftermath rollout. Luckily for Jimmy sneaking into the game to blowup, Dre had more important business deals to worry about.

In a conversation on the Joe Budden Podcast, Jimmy revealed the story for the first time ever, and how the two worked together years later for Detox. Take a look at the clip below.

2:11:00 for jimmy segment

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