Dr. Dre’s Family is Allegedly Suspecting Foul Play after Life-Threatening Scare

Keep ya guard up

Last week, the music world was hit with shocking news to start 2021, when we found out Dr. Dre was sent to the hospital. The iconic music mogul suffered a brain aneurysm, that led to a special doctor being flown to Los Angeles just to make sure his health was secure.

Many are citing stress a divorce causing the scare, considering he’s been in great shape over the last decade. However, information has emerged that his immediate family and friends are suspecting foul play. It’s so serious, that his family is under the belief of someone using anti-coagulants found in rat poison.

One family member went as far as to saying that Dre works out multiple times and goes to the doctor for frequent checkups. So, the smell of rat poison could lead to an aneurism or stroke – then possible death. Considering this botched attempt on his life was stopped, we’re assuming the security of Mr. Young will be beefed up until this thing blows over.

The foul play on his health wasn’t the only thing some believe was an inside job. Even the robbery is being considered done by someone he knows. We’re just unsure who would be that vindictive to do all of these things at once. Let us know below in the comments what you think.

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