Ebro Grills Kanye West in Conversation About Donald Trump & Politics

Come back home Kanye. . .

Over the weekend, Ebro Darden voiced his public opinion on Kanye West’s recent praise of extreme-rightist Candace Owens and Donald Trump. After Yeezy’s immediate camp reached out to Ebro regarding his issues, Mr. West personally called the head of Hot 97 for a conversation.

Today, Mr. Darden was on the airwaves and opened up on his talk with Yeezy, which centered on social matters in the states. Ebro took issue with Kanye briefly addressing multiple delicate topics, without finishing his thoughts for the public to take in. He said Yeezy wants to deprogram people and have them think beyond traditional teachings. This segued into Kanye discussing how he feels demonized – citing society has treated himself and other thinkers different.

Sadly, Kanye also felt no one showed him love when he was addicted to opioids; even during his say in the hospital. Watch more from the full clip below, where Ebro talks grilling Yeezy for saying he loves Donald Trump, praise of YouTube personality Candace Owens and more.

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