Ebro Responds to 6ix9ine ‘Summer Jam’ Controversy, Tekashi Brings Up 50 Cent Story

Ebro vs. 6ix9ine

Yesterday, 6ix9ine went undercover, using make-up to hide his tattoos, with hopes of getting into Summer Jam. Unfortunately, Garden State PD weren’t fooled and denied Tekashi’s entrance to the show – after previously saying he wouldn’t be stopped from MetLife.

Well, after jumping on a livestream with DJ Akademiks to discuss the situation, Ebro responded to the event on his morning show. Below, you can take a look at the Hot 97 clip, as well as 6ix9ine bringing up a rare 50 Cent story where he confronted Mr. Darden a few years ago.

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Ebro Responds to 6ix9ine

Tekashi Brings Up 50 Cent Story

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