Eminem Explains How ‘Revival’ Will Still Feature Slim Shady

Eminem x DJ Whoo Kid

Yesterday, Eminem met up with DJ Whoo Kid at Shade 45, to discuss the whereabouts of his Revival album. With the big homie Paul Rosenberg present to make sure our guy Whoo Kid didn’t leak any information or records on the effort, Em touched on presented the perfect record to Beyoncé.

Regarding if he’ll make a complete transition to more mature conscious content, he went to reiterate that Slim Shady was still alive and breathing – more than ever and would be featured on the project.

Whether or not it’ll be catering to a certain character was dumb question he felt, as we’re assuming all elements of the rap icon will be present. Shady would soon touch on his love-hate infatuation with the current climate of rap music, as Mr. Porter and Paul Rosenberg chimed in their appreciation for J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper. Listen to more from the conversation below, where he talks a future in politics and mocking what fans think of his upcoming material.

Eminem Brings ‘Revival’ to Saturday Night Live


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