Eryn Allen Kane – Fragile

Artist: Eryn Allen Kane
Song: “Fragile”
Producer: Phil Simmonds & Eryn Allen Kane
Album: TBA
Director: Eryn Allen Kane

In an age of artists constantly dropping music, Eryn Allen Kane is truly a rare kind. She doesn’t always have new songs out, but when she does, it’s always something special and worthy of the wait.

This week, the Chicago-via-Detroit singer is back with a stunning new single called “Fragile.” Her vocals are as powerful as ever, and it’s a subject that Eryn feels strongly about. So much so, she’s self-directed a video to go with it.

“I wrote “Fragile” about generational trauma,” Eryn says. “Building barriers between us and our own emotions. Disassociating ourselves from our own bodies and our own feelings as a means to cope. This is about the beauty and strength in vulnerability. About healing.”

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