Evidence Performs Two Songs, Talks ‘Weather or Not’ Album

Evidence just released his new solo album Weather or Not last month, and it’s one of the best hip-hop albums we’ve heard in a while.

The Los Angeles rapper recently stopped by VEVO to support the new project. In between performing “Jim Dean” and “Throw It All Away,” Ev talks about the new album and being more human. “I’ve been dropping my guard more,” he says. “I’ve been trying to be more transparent. The voice that’s talking to you is trying to be the voice on the record. I’m trying not to live so much in a rap character. And that’s gonna humanize everything whether I like it or not.”

Speaking on the reason why he was guarded in the past, he says, “I came up in an era where everybody was a rap superhero, so to be the human thing was something I’ve had to learn. It’s not something that was just taught to me right off the top.”

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