Examining 6ix9ine’s Letter vs. Shotti & Tr3yway to U.S. District Court Before Sentencing

Sentencing happens next Wednesday. . .

This week, 6ix9ine officially wrote a letter to Paul A. Engelmayer; United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. From the outside looking in, we’re expecting Tekashi to formally be released from jail next Wednesday on December 18th, when he’s sentenced.

In the letter, 6ix9ine showed remorse for his actions on the outside, during his 2018 run of beefing with multiple people. However, he did take responsibility for the actions and asked the judge for forgiveness.

After throwing Tr3yway under the bus by mentioning that he was being robbed; he also confirmed that one of his co-defendants was sleeping with the mother of his daughter. What we were told, is that Tekashi was presented a wiretap of the defendant and the mother of his daughter making an arrangement; which led to him initially distancing himself from the bloods.

Like he mentioned in the letter, he denounced the gang publicly; as Shotti and Mel had the initial super-violated conversation – ending the decade long illegal investigation. It’s impossible for Tekashi to lie or make up any story in this letter; as this was also the same conditions for taking the stand last fall.

He had to be 100 percent honest, or else the deal for his 5K1 letter to be released next week would be off the table. By the government having intel on the entire situation, 6ix9ine controls the narrative regarding this situation with Tr3yway and the mother of his daughter.

Look for Tekashi to possibly address everything when he’s released next week.

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