FORBES: Hip Hop Cash Kings 2018

Artists love these FORBES lists, mostly because they can brag about their positioning and strive for better pastures. This year’s “Hip Hop Cash Kings” sees some people slip out of top spots and others gain ground with various endorsements.

For example, Drake was No. 2 in last year’s list, but fell to No. 4, due to the fact that he wasn’t touring as much this year. Of course, this will change once that Aubrey and 3 Amigos Tour ends, with the 6 God and company cashing in heavy for their world tour. Diddy also slipped the top spot to JAY Z, who went on tour with his wife and dropped an album.

J. Cole made the Top 5 and Nas also makes the Top 10, with the likes of Pitbull, Future and Kanye West rounding things out.

Other notable names that made the over Top 20 on the FORBES list include DJ Khaled, Russ, Migos, Eminem, Travis Scott and Chance the Rapper.

01. JAY Z – $76.5 million
02. Diddy – $64 million
03. Kendrick Lamar – $58 million
04. Drake – $47 million
05. J. Cole – $35.5 million
06. Dr. Dre – $35 million
06. Nas – $35 million
08. Pitbull – $32 million
09. Future – $30 million
10. Kanye West – $27.5 million

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