Freddie Gibbs – Death Row (feat. 03 Greedo)

Artist: Freddie Gibbs feat. 03 Greedo
Song: “Death Row”
Producer: Kenny Beats
Album: Freddie
Director: Trevor Penick

Obviously, 03 Greedo is currently locked up and will be for a long time, but before we went inside the box, he recorded and filmed plenty of material to carry him while he was away. One of those things was Freddie Gibbs‘ video for “Death Row,” their collaboration from Freddie. In the clip, the two are by the train tracks rapping somewhere in Southern California, as Gangsta Gibbs is making moves and calls on his phone from the whip.

And before you think Gibbs is wearing a MAGA hat on some Kanye West shit, it actually says “Make a nigga president again.”

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