Future Reportedly Had to Cut Kendrick Lamar “Like That” Verse Short Because of Extended Drake Disrespect

Future Cut Kendrick Lamar ‘Like That’ Verse Short Drake Diss

Diss on the way. . .

Future Cut Kendrick Lamar ‘Like That’ verse short Drake diss, as the same situation we heard appears online this weekend.  Like this person from the Reddit forums, who doesn’t want to publicly reveal their self, we heard almost the exact story a few months back. 

During the original records of Future’s Like That song, K. Dot’s verse had to be trimmed down significantly.  To the point where HNDRXX felt Kenny was going too crazy on Drake and didn’t want to be part of that situation. 

Well, with the lines already crossed and this situation not looking to end anytime soon, we’re wondering if they’ll ever release the original longer version.  With DJ Hed teasing the pending release from K. Dot on social media, look for the response to hopefully appear next weekend.

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