The Music Industry is Claiming The Game’s ‘Drillmatic’ is Better than ‘The Documentary’

Game Drillmatic Album Preview

#DRILLMATIC out very soon!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen Yeezy focused in the studio on Chuck Taylor’s upcoming next release. The collaborative Hit-Boy project has thankfully seen him reunite with Kanye, as well as Big Sean and Pusha T offering assistance.

Well, this week, Big Boy heard the rough draft of the upcoming album, and cited that it’s his best album to date. Considering Dr. Dre will also offer his ear to the effort, Puff Daddy has also been spotted helping, opening eyes to how serious the music industry is taking this pending rollout.

With Super Bowl Los Angeles happening in a few weeks, we wouldn’t be surprised if The Game and Hit-Boy released Drillmatic next month.

Given the space that they’re in with creating multiple songs ready for the masses, we wouldn’t expect them to hold onto this fresh content that’s been getting praise.

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