Get To Know Timbaland’s Latest Co-Sign, Bryson Tiller


Meet mid-west crooner, Bryson Tiller!

Legendary music mogul, Timbaland may be readying to officially deploy rising Chicago rapper Tink’s career in the coming weeks, but that’s not the only new project he’s looking forward to in 2015. Through various public Google hangouts he partakes in when his daughter isn’t forcing him to watch Full House on Nick at Nite, the human beat machine found time in his very busy schedule to introduce fans to a new artist he’s co-signing.

Meet rising Louisville, Kentucky singer-rapper Bryson Tiller. Upon hearing his sounds through the public video hangout, we instantly went to dig into the archives over the last few months and do more research on Mr. Tiller. Now with a stamp of approval from King Mosley, we’re praying the 22-year-old crooner is working on material with Timothy for more tracks like ones you’re about to enjoy here. With ratchet R&B and PBR&B dominating the mainstream this year, we’re excited for another lane of bedroom music Bryson’s currently creating – a million listens on his sound cloud page speaks volumes this early in the game.

While Bryson doesn’t directly base his sound on either genre, he has enough original elements that we’ve been intrigued with hearing in the tracks thus far. Before the masses catch on to his wave, we thought it was right to spread the word on a few of his gems that listeners like us have enjoyed. Don’t stay sleep, though.

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