Gillie & Wallo Address Alleged Issues Joe Budden, Have Phone Conversation to Inspire Youth

Gillie, Wallo Respond Joe Budden Alleged Issues

Respect to Gillie & Wallo!

Gillie, Wallo respond Joe Budden alleged issues, as the three have a conversation about going forward with help from DJ Akademiks. First off condolences to the entire family of Gillie and Wallo after last week’s unfortunate incident that involved his son in Philadelphia.

Around that time, the two were recent guests on Off the Record Podcast with our guy DJ Akademiks to discuss their current and future endeavors. In the conversation, the two addressed everything, including having an alleged rift with Joe Budden.

This led to Akademiks calling Buddens, as he had a respectful conversation with Gillie and Wallo. This was key to the youth in our opinion, to have sit downs and come to some type of resolution, without anything having to occur outside of words. They even opened the door for a possible collaboration down the line, which we have to give Ak props for being peacemaker.

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