Hollow Da Don Talks Possible Murda Mook Battle on ‘Everyday Struggle’

Hollow x ‘Everyday Struggle’

Last weekend, URLTV held their Summer Madness 6 event, which featured one of the best battles we’ve seen in a very long time – Hollow Da Don vs. Tay Roc. With Hollow showing no signs of retirement, he was guest today on Everyday Struggle to discuss the current state of battle rap.

The Queens rapper was also asked who were his top two at the moment, saying Loaded Lux as the best writer and Hitman Holla as the best performer at the moment. However, Joe Budden asked Da Don was there anybody else he would like to step in the ring with and boldly stated Murda Mook.

While also naming out Arsonal for a re-match, Budden mentioned how some of the elite rhymers should look into setting up their own events that may be out of the budget for companies. Watch more from the full conversation above, where he also talks about witnessing rap murders on stage, including the infamous Charlie Clips third round massacre of T-Rex of 2014.

Where it all started. . .

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