EXCLUSIVE: How Tr3yway Bloods Really Feel About the 6ix9ine Federal Government Situation

real story coming 2020. . .

As the world gets ready for the return of 6ix9ine, more information has made it way to our side this fourth quarter. Before Tekashi tells his story in a few weeks, a few on the inside aren’t exactly mad at him for cooperating with the federal government.

In fact, most are relieved that about the situation, because some were facing life inside. With government planted informant, CEO Kris allegedly ordering multiple murder hits on rivals; he was directly supplying members of Nine-Trey with street content.

So, with 6ix9ine going to the breakfast club and Tr3yway being caught on wire taps to make violations, the investigation was abruptly shut down. Through what we’ve been told, Tekashi didn’t mention anything to the FEDS, that wasn’t already revealed by Kris.

They felt Kris was more detrimental to the organization’s fall and legal situations, since he’s set to infiltrate black and brown neighborhoods gangs around the world. However, going on the stand to point out his alleged kidnappers, who blew trial, was the reason why the respected camp broke ties with him.

After 6ix9ine exposed financial disagreements with members of Tr3yway, there was still time for reconciliation because those were his friends. However, with no peacemaker present to maintain egos and outside influences, everything came to a head the week before Thanksgiving, when wiretaps were monitored.

By already serving a year on the inside, Tekashi would’ve been able to beat his case from an illegal investigation, which will be explained with 50 Cent. So, Tr3yway was more disappointed that 6ix9ine threw Harv and Nuke under the bus, than anything – as opposed to handling things internally.

Look for both sides to properly break down their situations in early 2020.

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