J. Balvin & Bad Bunny – CUIDAO POR AHÍ

Artist: J. Balvin & Bad Bunny
Producer: Tainy
Album: OASIS
Director: Colin Tilley

That last J. Balvin and Bad Bunny record is certainly getting some burn, but the two aren’t done with the OASIS campaign. On this visual, the duo are coming a little weirder than usual as they hit up the Greek island of Mykonos to splash that goth vibe all over the clip. As you can see for yourself above, Balvin and Bunny (and a whole crew of people) are wearing surgical masks, face paint and take over the Mediterranean in honor of the legendary wrestler Sting.

OS REWIND: J. Balvin and Bad Bunny – Yo Le Llego [Music Video]

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