Jay Rock on Confusion over “The Three J’s” Collaboration with JAY-Z & J. Cole

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This weekend, TDE is celebrating Jay Rock’s new album, Redemption. Last month, reports surfaced that Rock had tapped JAY-Z for a collaborative track on his then-upcoming project.

Well, when the album released, many wondered what happened with the alleged track. Luckily, the TDE rapper directly clarified confusion regarding Jay – which was misinterpreted a few weeks ago. He broke down how he wanted to do a record entitled The Three J’s,” also featuring J. Cole.

If S. Dot wasn’t available for the affair, he’d feel Jay Electronica is a suitable substitution on the cut. Surprisingly, he hasn’t ruled out the option for the future to pitch to those fellow emcees; which we’re sure the fans will remember the next time he’s ready to release his senior album.

For now, we have Redemption to enjoy, as you can take a look at part of his conversation with Complex below. Let us know what you think of the idea from Watts Rock.

Jay Rock speaks on alleged Jay-Z collaboration.

Somebody misinterpreted what I said. I said I wanted a Hov verse! I wanted it because the record with me and Cole… see, people… you know, I was lit that night. Please forgive me. I was kinda lit. I always wanted to do a record called, “The Three J’s,” because you got me, Jay Rock, you got J. Cole, and you got Jay Z. I thought that it would be dope. I said, if I couldn’t get Jay Z, we’ll get Jay Electronica. They must have misinterpreted it when I said it because I said, “I always wanted to do a Jay record with Jay Z but I got the other J on this one.” But I didn’t ever say J. Cole so everybody thought, “Oh, he got a record with Jay Z.” So you know, people were just running with it.

Read more of the interview at Complex.

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