EXCLUSIVE: Is Jay-Z Planning a Diss Track Towards Drake?

Jay-Z vs. Drake 2023 Diss Track Story

Just an idea / made up / i think. . .

After years of sneak dissing each other, it looks like we may finally get the long-awaited battle between these two.  Back when Jay-Z launched his tidal service, Drake was set to be the featured artist to drive attention and help launch the app in 2015. 

However, skeptical of Jay’s business dealings, he opted to join Apple Music and not show up to the event as planned.  Drake and the rest of OVO Sound were of the belief that the company would not last, as tidal would eventually be sold last year to Jack Dorsey for $350 million. 

Last month, their quiet rift was resurrected when Drake stepped on the front lines and had a subliminal bar aimed at one of Jay-Z’s biggest artists.  On the track Circo Loco, Drake said, “This bitch lie ’bout getting shots but she still a stallion.” 

This led to public backlash from a certain portion of fans on social media, with another portion siding with The Boy over the Tory Lanez situation.  Now, we’re predicting that Jay-Z will step into the ring with Drake and defend the top artist signed to his label now. 

In the past, the two have had their moments, as Drake made things tough for another one of his artists in Philadelphia with “Back-to-Back.” However, instead of subliminal bars, it’s expected that it’ll be a complete diss song, which will tie into possibly his rumored next solo album and project with Beyonce. 

We’re sure Drake knew what was going to happen when he dropped that line and the consequences of what could go on behind-the-scenes. 

However, we’re of the belief that this is a master plan for something bigger.  The bigger question is will Drake double-down, after a few situations have already started to happen after the November diss track released. 

By the way, this is all made up. I don’t know anything, and this is just for parody purposes.

I been blowing through the money like it grow on trees
I been fucking on a French bitch, c’est la vie
I just put ’em on a jet, now they all Italian
Way I’m dressing, till I been to a thousand islands
This bitch lie ’bout getting shots but she still a stallion
She don’t even get the joke but she still smiling

November diss at roc nation artist

unreleased drake diss

jay-z diss

drake diss

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