EXCLUSIVE: The Jay-Z vs. Eminem Issues Explained & Why 50 Cent Aired Out Jigga

Jay-Z vs. Eminem Situation Explained 2023, 50 Cent

jay-z vs. eminem. . .

Jay has been having issues with Eminem for a few years and 50 Cent was given the green light.

Back in 2018, Eminem addressed the conversation of having the best verse on Jay’s Renegade song. When Nas first mentioned this on Ether, it struck the Jiggaman’s ego, when he said Eminem murdered him on his own shit. However, at the time, Em downplayed talk and was humble about the entire ordeal. 

This led to him and Jay having one of the best relationships behind-the-scenes, to the point where Em was one of the few people the Brooklyn rapper genuinely liked. So much, that he even had Em featured on his wife’s song “Walk on Water” a few years ago. Jay never lets rappers collaborate with his wife under any circumstance, so that was how much he loved Eminem. 

However, on his Kamikaze album a few years ago, Em alluded to having the best verse on Renegade and killing Jay on his own song like the Gawd Escobar previously mentioned. This led to all communication stoppage between Jay and Em, which some found extremely odd at the time around the two. Above, Nore is explaining the situation about Em not doing the Super Bowl without 50 Cent, as he discusses a conversation with Jay about it. 

Jigga went out of his way to say “the white boy” according to Nore, which struck a nerve with 50 Cent…AND EM. During the entire Super Bowl preparations, Jay only talked to Dr. Dre and was even open to the idea of The Game performing over 50 Cent (according to Wack 100). 

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