Jenevieve – Résumé

Artist: Jenevieve
Song: “Résumé”
Producer: JEAN BENZ
Album: Division

If you’re sleeping on Jenevieve, you need to wake up because the talented singer has an album on the way. With Division due out September 3, she has released a new single for fans. “Resume” runs down the hardship of losing someone, but still having part of them in your heart. No matter what happens, they will always be part of your history.

Here’s what she said about working with JEAN BENZ:

“As a person and as an artist, I just know what I want now, and I know what I want people to see when they encounter my work. And working with someone like JEAN [BENZ] has been so helpful because he understands me at a very deep level — I don’t think I’ve ever met a producer or artists who just gets me — so that’s played a big part in me knowing who I am and making the kind of music I’ve always wanted to make at this stage.”

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