Joe Budden Blacks Out on DJ Akademiks & Peter Rosenberg over Recent Disagreements

Ordinary Joe goes in on Ak & Rosenberg. . .

Less than 10 days ago, XXXTentacion was unfortunately shot and killed in his home-state of Florida. Prior to those events, Joe Budden felt that at the time, XXX wasn’t the best person for DJ Akademiks to be around – considering trouble always followed the star musician.

Unfortunately, following those events, Budden watched media discuss the sensitive story, including feeling a certain way for and Ak and Peter Rosenberg’s coverage of XXX’s murder. Well, the two took offense to Budden’s original rant last week, including sharing their own rants a few days ago.

Below, you can take a look at Budden blacking out both his associates.

Joe Responds to DJ Akademiks & Peter Rosenberg

Rosenberg GOES AT Joe Budden over his podcast comments

Dj Akademiks Checks Joe Budden for his words on Xxxtentacion

Joe Budden Goes off on DJ Akademiks & Peter Rosenberg’s Reaction

Joe Budden Warns Dj Akademiks About Xxxtentacion

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