Joe Budden Airs Out Situation with Rory & Mal after Failed Reunion, Fires Them On-Air & Threatens to Sue

the show must continue. . .

Joe Budden Podcast May 12, 2021 episode video reveals Rory and Mal leaving again, this time like for good after latest falling out. Two weeks ago, Buddens reunited with Rory and Mal, following their behind-the-scenes fallout. After a conversation between brothers, it looked like the situation was handled, before the start of their show.

However, on camera, there was obvious tension between Mal and Buddens, who barely had interactions during the show. Unfortunately, there situation couldn’t be fixed, including the Spotify exit and Patreon expansion pushing them over the edge. Rory and Mal weren’t fond of both situations, as Buddens simply said on the show, “Do you own it?”.

Considering the fact that he said Rory asked to have ownership on the platform, Joey said that the two were under contracts – as the only people on the team with paperwork. Take a listen to the entire situation below.

Joseph Anthony Budden II is an American broadcaster, cultural critic, media personality, and former rapper. He first gained recognition as a rapper and is best known for his 2003 top 40 single “Pump It Up” and as a member of the hip hop supergroup Slaughterhouse. The Joe Budden Podcast is a podcast released twice a week, mainly through YouTube and SoundCloud. Hosted by Joe Budden, Jamil “Mal” Clay, Rory Farrell and Parks Vallely, the show covers numerous topics.

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