John Legend – Penthouse Floor (feat. Chance The Rapper)

Artist: John Legend feat. Chance The Rapper
Song: “Penthouse Floor”
Producer: Blake Mills & Greg Kurstin
Album: Darkness and Light

John Legend is always voicing his opinion on things like Black Lives Matter, anti-Donald Trump and NFL protests. So it’s no surprise that his new video for “Penthouse Floor” touches on these things, with Legend playing the role of hotel employee John Stephens (his real name). Chance The Rapper, who features on the song, doesn’t appear in the video itself, but he’s there in spirit through his trademark Chance 3 hat.

“With the chorus of going to the penthouse floor, we were thinking about upward mobility, and thinking about escape,” he says. “The more I sat with the song as I was making the record, I wanted to have more attention in the song where I was thinking about not just upward mobility and escaping, but also thinking about what it means to come from humble beginnings like I come from, a blue collar family, where people that are often ignored and forgotten about, and to elevate to more rarified air like I am now but to not forget about where you come from. And to use your power and status to uplift people and shine a light on places where we come from. That is what the song lyrically evolved to and that is what the video represents.

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