K. Roosevelt – Blinding My Vision

Artist: K. Roosevelt
Song: “Blinding My Vision”
EP: K. Roosevelt
Director: Sean Brown

Los Angeles singer K. Roosevelt is back with a video for his stunning new single, “Blinding My Vision.” Directed by Sean Brown, the new visual sees Roosevelt performing at home with his band, coupled with personal shots of a girl swimming in the pool.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a literal thing that happened per se—it’s not like a point-by-point journal of a thing—but it is based on a lot of different experiences I’ve had,” he told Complex. “When I was writing it, I didn’t have to work too hard. It was one of those flow state type things when I was writing, so I tried to speak to that.”

His self-titled EP will be released next Friday, July 27th via Def Jam.

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