Kanye West Explains Why He’s Not Allowed to Mention Drake Anymore


This week, David Letterman shared a trailer for his upcoming second season of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with Netflix. Next Friday, the show returns to the streaming giant, as Kanye West will be the first guest on the new season. In a preview, Yeezy talked about his relationship with his mother and having her spirit around his children with Kim Kardashian.

Well, The Daily Beast, revealed why Kanye hasn’t uttered the words Drake since their social media spat last December. West told Letterman, “An artist which I will not mention, because I’m not allowed to mention him or any of his family members. We had a little beef last year. He has this line that I love that says, ‘I told my story and made history’ — like made his story and made history. That’s what we do, we tell our story and then people relate to that story.”

Things continued with Kanye referring the Toronto rapper saying, “I have a friend who told me that my power is my influence,” Kanye continues. “People take their stories to heart then get disappointed when it doesn’t turn out the way they expect. And I said my power is my ability to not be influenced.” Look for the full interview to arrive on May 31st and peep the teaser below.

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