Kanye West Reveals Tracklists for Kids See Ghost and Pusha T Albums

Kanye West has posted a video of him working on new music and not so slyly preview tracklists for his new projects.

The whiteboards in the background of the video show full tracklists for the Kids See Ghost (Kanye West and Kid Cudi) and Pusha T albums. As well as that, you can also see a number of song titles for Ye’s solo album, Nas‘ album and Teyana Taylor‘s album.

Check out the full and partial tracklists below, along with the original clip.

Kids See Ghost

01. Feel the Love
02. Kids See Ghost
03. 4th Dimension
04. Ghost Town
05. Cudi Montage
06. Devil’s Watchin’
07. Reborn

Pusha T

01. If You Know U Know
02. Sociopath
03. Games We Play
04. Come Back Baby
05. Infrared
06. Hard Piano
07. How Do You Respond
08. Santaria

Kanye West

02. Extacy
03. Wouldn’t Leave


01. Everything

Teyana Taylor

01. Gonna Love
02. Hold On
03. 3 Ways

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