Kanye West Will Reportedly Be The Only Feature on The Weeknd’s Album

The Weeknd has officially ignited the charts and Internet with his last two singles “The Hills” and specifically with “I Can’t Feel My Face.” At this point, the core fans have gathered returned back to action and his upcoming album has become one of the most anticipated of the year.

As secretive as The Weeknd is, there hasn’t been many details on the effort as of yet besides the music. Even with that, nobody really expected it when the songs came out, but Ed Sheeran let out a pretty good tidbit of information concerning the album.

In talking to Zane Lowe on Beats 1 Radio, Ed said that while partying out in Toronto, Abel told him he wanted to collaborate and he was shocked because he doesn’t really do that with anyone. He also slipped (or maybe hoped it went under the radar) and said Kanye West was the only person on his upcoming album. How finished it is, we don’t know, but knowing The Weeknd’s track record, he definitely doesn’t like to collaborate with many people and even less on his own projects.

Take this bit of news with a grain of salt, because maybe Ed actually ends up on the album as well after the song they recorded.

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