Keefe D Reveals Who Killed Biggie Smalls Before his Upcoming Arrest for Involvement in 2pac Murder

Keefe D Reveals Notorious BIG Killer

King and the Queen Bee

Keefe D reveals Notorious BIG killer, as many are embracing this Compton natives arrest for speaking on involvement of 2pac death. The Art of Dialogue has been Pandora’s box for everyone speaking about the passing of 2pac, with sprinkles of Biggie’s people making appearances.

One clip that caught our attention was Keefe D discussing the night Frank White was killed. According to Keefe, Biggie revealed that Keefe told his camp to stand down with the FEDs present to avoid heat on their part. Unfortunately, with no protection there to properly watch him on the distant street end, this allowed what happened to happen to the King.

Take a look at the clips below.

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