Kendrick Lamar Registers Multiple New Songs for ‘Oklama’ Album

Kendrick Lamar Registers ‘Oklama’ Album Songs

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Kendrick Lamar registers ‘Oklama’ album songs, as the Compton rapper readies his final album with TDE to build pgLang with Dave Free. Following Baby’s Keem’s family ties music video, which featured Kenny also spazzing on the track, major news has emerged.

While helping build buzz for his protégé’s The Melodic Blue album with pgLang, Kendrick has found time to ready his own material. With the cell phone back in his heads, moves are quietly being made behind-the-scenes to ready presumable titled Oklama album.

Through the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers website, and Broadcast Music information surfacing; a leak for Kenny’s upcoming album has been revealed.

The good kid has over 11 songs that have been registered on the official site, which includes TDE and publishing entity, Hard Working Black Folks Inc.

Take a look at the breakdown of songs below, and look for K. Dot to make an announcement soon if this is already out.

Kendrick Lamar Registers ‘Oklama’ Album Songs

New Kendrick Lamar song titles registered with ASCAP/BMI services today:

– Believe
– Director
– Fighter Thief In The Night
– Fade to Black
– Erika Kane
– End of the Line
– Empty
– Driving Down the Darkness
– Before the Hangman’s Noose
– Of Paupers and Poets
– Pale Horse Apocalypse

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