Kendrick Lamar Talks His Biggest Mistake, Being Labeled & More

DAMN. will go down as one of the best albums of 2017 and for good reason. Kendrick Lamar‘s been a mainstay on the Billboard charts, broken streaming records and had a ridiculously successful run with the effort. He’s ending the year by covering the December issue of FORBES Magazine.

In the interview, K Dot talks about the biggest mistake of his career, which came early and before he changed his rap moniker to that of his real name.

“My biggest mistake was watching the other artists’ success and thinking that can be my own success. Everybody’s their own individual, you know? A lot of the times, like I said, you listen to the radio, you be pushed by what the industry is doing, or what’s popping at the moment. So you go through these stages of trying to figure that out. That hindered me. A long time. But the day I changed my name [from K-Dot] to my actual real name, Kendrick Lamar, and found my true story, that’s when I started getting the looks, and the ears that I wanted.”

During his talk with the mag, he also delved into being labeled a ‘conscious rapper,’ Colin Kaepernick and what he’s learned from OG’s in the game like Dr. Dre, JAY Z and Diddy up to this point of his career.

You can read the full story HERE.

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