Kodak Black Indicted by FEDs for Allegedly Lying on Illegal Firearms Purchase


Saturday night, Kodak Black was arrested in Miami on weapons charges. The South Florida rep was originally scheduled to perform at Rolling Loud, but was taken into custody. Kodak was under eye of the U.S. Marshals, who spearheaded an investigation on federal and state weapons charges with the FEDs.

While the Sniper Gang rep had been booked into Miami’s Federal Detention Center over the weekend; more revelations have surfaced regarding the situation. According to prosecutors, the arrest was made after they found enough evidence to back up their case of him lying on an official document – while trying to buy a gun.

Monday afternoon, Kodak was shackled and clad in a jail suit, where he made his first court appearance. As a convicted felon, he’s not allowed to own or possess a gun under Florida state law. The arrest all stems from an accidental mishap on his team’s part, where he filled out a Firearms Transaction Record to buy a gun from a registered dealer.

According to his lawyer, Kodak checked “no,” when asked if he was currently under indictment for a crime (see: South Carolina). Revealed in the indictment, Kodak allegedly lied twice on forms in January and March, when he attempted to purchase a weapon from Lou’s Police Distributors in Hialeah.

The FEDs found a motive or money to surprise Kodak when his guard was down at the musical festival. He’s currently due back in court on Wednesday, where his lawyers will ask for his immediate release from jail.

However, federal agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will try and keep him behind bars; to continue building up their case. Last month, Kodak was arrested on drug and weapon charges, when he tried cross from Canada into the United States. Look for details to emerge later in the week regarding his current fate.

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