Lance ‘Un’ Rivera Discusses Biggie’s Reaction to 2pac & Faith Rumors

DJ Self interviews Mr. Rivera

A few days ago, Lance ‘Un’ Rivera was guest on DJ Self’s show. During the brief 30-minute conversation, Lance spoke on wanting to continue the vision of The Notorious B.I.G. Before the passing of Frank White, he was recommended to ink Cam’ron and Charli Baltimore to his imprint. Un soon signed both rappers to his label, but was keener on getting Killa’s career off the ground.

He even went to say that he felt Confessions of Fire was Cam’s best album and said he peaked with “Down and Out.” Before things concluded, Un also discussed Biggie’s reaction to first finding out about rumors regarding Tupac Shakur and Faith Evans. Watch more from the interview below, where he also discusses the Tupac biopic having false narratives regarding Frank White.

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