Leon Bridges – This Love

Artist: Leon Bridges
Song: “This Love”
Producer: Leon Bridges
Album: Coming Home
Director: N/A

There’s something about Leon Bridges‘ music that makes you feel at peace. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s just him and his guitar. Or that his throwback sound brings out the soul in you. “This Love” is new to us, only because it was one of five tracks that was featured on the deluxe version of Coming Home. Why it didn’t make the original cut on the album doesn’t matter, but it follows the same vibe.

The video for the record is simple. Leon goes on stage and performs the song in front of an empty venue. We haven’t caught him concert yet, but we’re sure it would be a lot like this. You know, with more people around and a band, plus vocalists, backing him.

If you’re not up on the smooth sounds of Mr. Bridges, go listen to Coming Home immediately.

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