Lil Baby Issues Statement after Alleged Reckless Driving & Eluding Police Arrest


Thursday night, a video circulated online of Lil Baby being arrested in Atlanta for unknown reasons. It was later revealed that the Quality Control representative was pulled over by Georgia State Patrol members for alleged reckless driving of his orange corvette.

In the report, Baby failed to change signals, when switching lanes; and began passing vehicles in a reckless manner – in a high pedestrian area. With troopers catching up after a few moments, they pulled him over and he cooperated with people.

Luckily, for his sake, fans and locals were hand to witness the entire situation, so the officers didn’t have a chance to do anything out of their job. Soon after, Lil baby was released on bail, as he issued a statement on the gram below. Also, take a look at the arrest video as well.

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